Upholstery cleaning is one of the biggest challenges for every household. The successful upholstery cleaning and sanitising require a powerful and efficient yet gentle system for removing all the stubborn stains, spots and dirt. As it is with carpets and rugs, upholstery accumulates a lot of bacteria, allergens and dust in between the fine fibres of the fabric’s structure. Trapped once in between these fibres, dirt is not that easy to be noticed and even more complex and harder to be removed. However, if left there neglected, dirt and bacteria are the main reason for unhealthy and not clean indoor environment in homes and workplaces. Due to everyday intensive use, upholstery often suffers and experience stubborn dirt and other issues that lead to quicker wear and tear and ever destroying the fabric. The inappropriate cleaning routine is another reason upholstery to look worn, old and tired. In order to achieve perfect sanitising, long-lasting protection and a beautiful look, we at Carpet Cleaner London offer the ultimate upholstery cleaning service for domestic and commercial clients in North West London.

The certified experts in upholstery cleaning

We pride ourselves on an innovative and advanced cleaning system that is developed and improved by us, after years of research and practice. We believe we found the ideal balance between effectivity, precise approach, focus on detail and gentle handling of fabrics with a natural and authentic origin. In fact, we believe that every upholstery cleaning project we are hired for in North West London needs an individual solution to the situation because every project has its individual requirements and needs. And our hard-working and experienced upholstery cleaning specialists offer this personal approach, inspecting your case and recommending the best and most appropriate solution.

The upholstery cleaning system we provide you with is based on the hot-water extraction concept and includes injecting of hot water and effective cleaning agents with high quality and eco-friendly character, which are then quickly extracted back with all the dirt and bacteria. This sanitising method promises not only impressive results and it is gentle enough to keep upholstery and fabrics in tip-top shape but also has a long-lasting effect, leaves of sticky and soapy residue and reduces the drying time up to three times quicker.

Providing the best customer experience and care

Another feature of our service we offer in North West London and are very proud of is that we work in a timely manner and at reasonable prices. Being in the branch for a long time gives us the chance to recognise all the requirements of our commercial and domestic customers very well. In fact, we know how to respect your schedule and your budget and we are never too proud to take feedback because your recommendations and opinions help us get even better at what we do and even more sensitive to your needs and desires. We are true professionals and want everything we provide you with to reflect our professionalism, so we offer quality, consistency, honesty and reliability from the initial call you make to get in touch with us to the last step of the upholstery cleaning project. In case you need additional information, we look forward to discussing the topic on 020 3696 9499 with you!