Area rug cleaning can be really boring for many people, in fact, this is definitely not on the priority list of many of us. However, rug cleaning is one of those necessities that simply have to be done at some point, sooner or later and we cannot run from that. Just like carpets, rugs accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria. It is because of the high level of everyday use and frequent traffic they have to experience and also because of their specific structure of fibres that make dirt trapping deep down in between the fibres very easy and removing it – very complex. In general, vacuuming and even washing rugs at home is only workaround such as attempting to DIY carpet cleaning. Even when the rugs look clean enough, you can never know what is under the surface and what is invisible for the eye. We will tell you – the things your eyes can’t notice are usually bacteria colonies and allergens and these don’t have a place in your home and workplace, right, otherwise they are the main reason for unhealthy indoor environment.

Performing rug cleaning services to perfection

Well, like any problem, this one also has a solution and in this situation, your best solution is called Carpet Cleaner London. We offer successful and time-proven rug cleaning system that is based on our experience and knowledge we have managed to accumulate over the years we are on the North West London market and after a lot of research and practice and a great stain removal service for all those annoying stains ruining the whole appearance. Spending our time to think a lot of how we can develop and improve a rug cleaning concept that would be helpful and useful for anyone and everyone, we came up with this mixture of time-proven and advanced methods that guarantee successful sanitising, long-lasting protection and great colour contrast achieved.

High quality cleaning services on best price

It may be tempting to deal with the cleaning by yourself, but as you can see and as you will notice after experiencing our expert assistance, nothing can beat the result of professional rug cleaning, especially provided by Carpet Cleaner London’s hard-working specialists with attention to every detail in North West London. Area rugs require powerful, but gentle approach, otherwise they may face wear and tear sooner than you expect. However, an effective approach is also mandatory, because there are many stubborn stains and dirt that won’t disappear after vacuuming.

What Carpet Cleaner London’s rug cleaning system consists of is a hot-water extraction method, that is highly effective, yet very gentle for the finer structure of the rugs. The same system is used also for carpets and hot water and powerful cleaning products are injected in between the fibres and then quickly extracted together with dirt and dust. That way carpets and rugs are not only perfectly sanitised, but also there is no sticky or soapy residue left and the drying time is reduced to three times quicker. We know what is best for your rugs, runners and carpets. We handle them gently, while we remove all the bacteria and dirt successfully thanks to the powerful and efficient system. That way we ensure impressive final results for all our North West London clients.