We at Carpet Cleaner London are very well known for the impressive final results our cleaning specialists achieve with every carpet and upholstery cleaning project we undertake in North West London. In order to expand the range of cleaning and maintenance services and that way to be even more effective and helpful for our North West London clients, we now offer professional mattress cleaning and care, which is delivered with the highest quality possible, attention to details and according to the highest standards in the branch.

Keeping the mattresses you use at home in perfect condition is essential. Researches show us that mattresses are often neglected when it comes to thorough care and sanitising because people just don’t expect the number of bacteria and dirt that can be accumulated for a short period of time. Normally, professional mattress cleaning is recommended every six months in order to ensure a healthy indoor environment and a healthy lifestyle in general. In fact, many clients of Carpet Cleaner London do not have previous experience with professional mattress cleaning, because they do not know the benefits and advantages of the service. They believe that mattresses are not accumulating dirt, dust and allergens at all and our clients come to us with requests usually when there is a stubborn stain, which cannot be removed with the usual cleaning products and detergents.

A flexible cleaning schedule for your needs

This is not the right way of perceiving mattress cleaning. In general and exactly such as every nook and corner of the room, mattresses accumulate dirt and bacteria a lot and because they are often missed and not considered as something that needs regular sanitising and care, dirt and dust build up even more. However, being such strongly bonded with your health and well-being, mattresses simply don’t have to be neglected as a part of your thorough care routine and here is where Carpet Cleaner London can be your great solution in North West London! How can benefit the most from professional mattress cleaning and sanitising? In fact, everyone will explore the advantages of the service, however, this is the most recommended for people that suffer different skin conditions, allergies, asthma, eczema, etc. Clients with such conditions always see the big difference and improvement after our professional performance.

Perfecting mattress cleaning since decades

How we describe our professional mattress cleaning, sanitising and stain removal system? At Carpet Cleaner London we invest a lot into the best and advanced training for our specialists and also into quality equipment that is equal to technical excellence. In order to achieve the best results, we use an innovational and very successful sanitising system that guarantees not only perfect results but is also powerful and yet gentle to the mattress itself, ensures a timely performance, leaves no residue and reduces the drying time significantly. Our steam and hot-water extraction system are simply amazing, removing all the dirt, getting rid of the stubborn stains such as ink, food and beverage spills, blood, grease, etc. and all the bacteria and allergens. The final result is long-lasting and adds additional protection to your mattress. Our experts are fully trained to deliver the highest quality possible and also advise you on a maintenance routine that will help you keep the condition of your mattresses in tip-top shape. If you have more questions, be sure to ask them on 020 3696 9499, or info@sprintcleaning.co.uk.