Your bedroom is your personal piece of heaven and your bed is your fluffy cloud, where you spend your most quality time sleeping at. So why you neglect how clean and tidy your bedroom is? A recent study shows that bedrooms are often the most neglected areas at any home. Although we understand why you prefer to pay more attention to most challenging projects like kitchen and bathroom cleaning and also spend your time dealing with other necessities around the house, we believe that starting with a clean and tidy bedroom will give you the peace of mind and comfort you need to start your day successfully and have the energy and patience to handle all the everyday household tasks waiting for your attention. You can keep procrastinating carpet cleaning, you can even keep procrastinating upholstery cleaning (although if you leave the dirt and stains neglected for too long, they may turn permanent and make you ask for professional stain removal help), but there is one thing that needs your attention immediately!

In order to enjoy a truly clean bedroom you have to start with… your mattress. This may shock many of you, but mattresses just like any other surface around your home, accumulate a lot of dust and dirt for the time you use them. And even worse than that, they also accumulate a great number of bacteria and allergens and keeping in mind how often you use them and how close to you all the bacteria is, you definitely want them extremely clean and sanitised. In fact, many skin diseases and other conditions like asthma and more are provoked and downgraded by all the allergens accumulated in the mattress. Now, the big questions are how to get rid of everything nasty and how to make sure all the mattresses around the house are extremely clean and safe. Here are a few recommendations and advice we can give you for a better condition when it comes to mattress maintenance and cleaning.

First of all, depending on your mattress type, you can turn it from time to time. After stripping the bed always make sure to vacuum the mattress, so you can reduce the amount of dust and bacteria before putting the fresh linen on the bed. Approximately, changing the sheets around every five days is recommended for a clean and fresh bed and not to say there is nothing else as enjoyable as laying in a freshly washed linen, right? In order to reduce the need of cleaning your mattress very often, you can also invest in machine washable mattress covers. Keep a few spare sets and change them regularly and as often as you change the sheets. This will help you enjoy a cleaner mattress for longer and also adds some additional protection and long-lasting power to it.

However, besides the maintenance steps, you can undertake for a cleaner and more comfortable and healthy bed, making sure to hire some professional mattress cleaning service every now and then is also recommended. The professionals work with a special system that extracts all the bacteria, allergens and deeply accumulated dirt, dust and debris with the hot water prior to that injected and leaves the mattress fresh and clean with no soapy residue and less drying time guaranteed.