Carpets are a very common flooring choice because of their unbeatable functionality, great look and lower price. Carpets, however, can be very annoying, when it comes to cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is always a smart investment in order to ensure extra cleanliness, healthier indoor environment and enhancing the beauty and longevity of the carpet (since these require specific maintenance, otherwise they may experience and suffer wear and tear and another type of issues faster than you think and more often than any other type of hard flooring). However, professional carpet cleaning is not always the answer due to a number of reasons. No time, limited budget and more are the reasons that may make you brace yourself and face the challenge of carpet cleaning using your own hands, skills and energy. However, when it comes to carpet, upholstery cleaning and mattress sanitising, enthusiasm and passion are not the only thing you are going to need and a few professional advice are always welcomed.

Because of the specific structure of carpets, they tend to be a challenge for two reasons – they require specific treatment and attention and they collect debris, dirt and dust and hide it in between the fibres as crazy! All the attracted and accumulated debris is one of the main reasons for allergies, skin irritations, respiratory problems and a number of other unpleasant conditions. Dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria put your health at risk and lower the quality of the indoor air. Especially with homes with children and pets and for busy areas such as offices, business building and industrial facilities, taking proper care of the carpets plays a vital role for health, safety and well-being. Here are a few simple and easy-to-follow tips and tricks on proper and successful carpet cleaning at home and by yourself for all the moment when professional help is not an option!

How to keep your carpets clean and in good condition for longer:

  • Vacuum weekly! Don’t try to cheat and ignore vacuuming, don’t procrastinate! The best thing is having a specific house cleaning routine and decide on a certain day of the week that is dedicated to thorough and precise carpet vacuuming when you are not going to miss any cornet and nook. If for some reason you are not able to make this any week on a certain day, or you skip the vacuuming day, then make that the next day. High traffic areas require even more attention, so twice a week is recommended to remove surface dirt and dust! Don’t go too fast, use a nice back and forth motion.
  • Use welcome mats and rugs, so they can collect the main amount of debris and dirt trying to enter your house with shoes.
  • Set shoe-less standards at home. Try not to wear shoes at home. It may be hard at first, but soon you will be very convenient with the feeling of cosy and fluffy slippers on your feet!
  • Treat spots immediately with specially designed for carpets product, otherwise, you risk them to turn out permanent and impossible to remove.
  • Don’t forget to vacuum under area rugs, because there are big piles of dust and dirt accumulated.
  • Clean carpets more in-depth at least twice a year. Clean, disinfect and sanitise carpets. You can hire a hot water extraction cleaning system and use it by yourself, or for more impressive results, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service.