Housekeeping doesn’t come like second nature for the majority of the people. A good, effective and easy cleaning routine at once is a matter of skills and time to achieve and this is where expert advice, recommendations and guides often come in handy. Following a few simple, tried and tested rules will take you less time and energy than wasting your time in trying to find out what works the best for your lifestyle and your home. Of course, at the end of the day, you have to find the smooth-running system that makes you feel comfortable with and this will take some time, but once you have these habits, you will see that housekeeping can be not only exhausting and boring.

In part one of this article series our experts provided you with recommendations and tips on how to vacuum carpets and rugs properly, so you can be sure they are thoroughly and effectively cleaned and the number of allergens, dust and dirt are reduced to a minimum. Since carpets are often this thing in your house that attracts a lot of debris, dirt and grime, maintaining and taking care of them is essential for a healthy indoor environment. Another feature of your home you have to take special care of your mattresses. Today we are going to share with you a simple guide on how to maintain a fresh and sanitised mattress in good condition easily.

Considering how much of your time is spent in direct contact with the mattress, it is definitely something you want to take good care of. Mattresses, as anything else in the house, attract dust and dirt and they also suffer bacteria and allergen build ups. On the other hand, mattress cleaning is something that many of us forget to deal with, or we simply don’t know where to start with. Our mattress cleaning guide will be helpful and useful for all those people that are wondering how to clean a mattress in order to extend its life and keep it fresh and healthy.

The right way to clean your mattress:

  • It is recommended to rotate the mattress twice a year, so you can keep the material well-distributed and your mattress will wear evenly.
  • Choose quality and water-proof mattress pad, so it can protect your mattress from stains, spills, dust and dirt. Mattress pads have to be washed on a regular basis.
  • You can also vacuum your mattress on a regular basis! Simply use the crevice attachment and vacuum the entire surface while taking care to get into every crevice. This will help you get rid of the dust and dirt on the surface, without washing and waiting for your mattress to get dry.
  • Stains on the surface? Track and treat them as soon as possible and you will increase the chance to entirely remove them without professional help. In order to prevent permanent damage, use a clean and dry towel to remove immediately as much of the stain as possible. Next, you can continue with using a little bit of dish detergent or liquid soap and gently blot what is left from the stain. You don’t want the foam to reach out the inner layers of the mattress, so try to use less liquid as possible. If your carpet cleaner comes with an upholstery cleaning tool you can also use this for removing large stains on your mattress.
  • In case your mattress is in need of little freshening up, then use the same carpet neutraliser receipt you can find in the first article of the series. Mix baking soda and your favourite essential oil to neutralise odours and add a fresh scent.