Managing a clean and clutter-free house is a matter of habits and personal and individual cleaning routines. Keeping your house, for most people, is not instinctual and this is why cleaning and organised guides and organisation tips tend to be so popular. Besides the fact that people need some guidelines to understand where and what to start from with, people often need someone or something to help them out clearing up their priorities, when it comes to managing a healthy, clean and tidy house. Of course, there are plenty of tips, advice and recommendations to choose from and your main motivation must be finding the routine that works the best for you. A smooth-running house cleaning routine pretty much means how you are going to take care of your home, so it can finally feel comfortable, safe and cosy, without wasting too much of your time and energy. Housekeeping must be satisfying and effective, not exhausting. This is where a few professional tips based on knowledge and experience and already tested and time-proven can come in handy. Today we are sharing with you how to take care of carpets and mattresses properly and achieve professional results without too much of intensive work.

The right way to vacuum carpets

Here are a few steps that ensure you vacuum your carpet thorough and effective in less time!

  • Start this job by using the crevice attachment of your vacuum machine first.
  • Start with the edges and corners first and then move to the centre bit by bit.
  • Vacuum horizontally, vacuum vertically next. By vacuuming in opposite directions you make sure that all the accumulated dust, debris, hair and pet dander are lifted and effectively removed.
  • Vacuum your way out of the room. Start with the corners that are opposite to the door.
  • If your carpet is in need of little refreshing, but still not that dirty to call a professional carpet cleaning company, then use a carpet neutraliser to breathe a new life to it. Home-made, natural and non-toxic cleaners and refreshing products are always a better choice than the harsh chemicals you can buy from the department store. That way you minimise the risk of skin, respiratory conditions and allergies and you reduce bacteria and allergens.

You can make a simple and safe carpet neutraliser by following the recipe below:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 10-20 drops essential oil of your choice
  • Container with a shaker top

Baking soda is great for neutralising odours and bad smells, while choosing a fresh-smelling essential oil like tangerine, for example, will add a great and very pleasant fragrance.

Another question we are frequently asked about is what the right way to clean your mattress at home is. The answer to these questions depends mainly on the level of dirtiness of the mattress and if there are other issues like stains noticed. Mattresses are one of those things in your house that need extra attention and care considering how much time you spend in direct contact with them. Professional mattress cleaning could be required in some situations, but there are a few steps you can take in order to maintain a clean and fresh mattress without calling on the experts. You can learn more if you stay tuned for part two of the series!