We all love pets and they are truly a joy and happiness at home, bringing so much fun and providing us with great friendship and loyalty. However, maintaining a clean home with a dog or cat inside may seem like a mission impossible for many of us. In this situation flooring is the first to suffer and no matter what material it is made from, every flooring type is soon or later a subject of issues caused by pets (especially dogs). In order to maintain a beautiful and clean floor there is no need to send Rexy to go away, but simply use a few tips and tricks for a reliable maintenance routine, ensure some additional protection and care and ask for professional cleaning assistance when needed.

Here are a few simple recommendations we can give you for maintaining floors in good condition even when your pets are trying rip off the last bit of your carpet.

A good and regular cleaning routine is the key to beautiful-looking floors. However, the first and most important thing is to know and understand how exactly to approach your type of flooring, depending on the material it is made out of. Of course, if you are still not sure what is the best thing to do, you can always ask for help your local manufacturer or cleaning company, so don’t worry and take your time to do your research. Otherwise, if you don’t treat the type of flooring you have properly, you may end up destroying it even more than your dog!

Usually, carpets need daily vacuuming, however, this is just not enough on a monthly basis and a professional deep carpet cleaning is recommended every now and then. The carpet experts will sanitise your carpets in depth thanks to a powerful hot water extractions system and will remove all the bacteria and debris your pets bring into your home. Wood and stone floors are a bit more complex to treat and take care of, so you should definitely make sure how appropriately to do so. Hard floors don’t go well with water, so make sure to use only a damp mop and cleaning products that are designed to keep their finish protected only.

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed. This is another important thing you have to watch for. Your pets are not only likely to bring debris and dirt inside the house, but also ruin your floor with their nails. While carpets are often unsaveable, when scratched to the core, sanding and honing are methods that can remove almost any imperfection from wooden and stone floors and make them look sleek and smooth again.

Neutralise the bad smells. Well, little puppies and kittens are truly a big disaster while they are trained to go to the toilet. While many of the liquid spills are easy to remove, if you react immediately, they can leave a bad smell. Don’t worry, because professional carpet cleaning services nowadays offer additional deodorising for a fresh scent to enjoy for a long time.