Carpets have so many benefits and advantages and because of that, they make a great flooring option. No matter if it comes to your home or workplace, carpets are always great for invest in, because of their appearance, their functionality and never the less – the lower price. Considering how hard floors like real wood ones, or those made out of real stone can be, carpets can be really like hitting the jackpot, because their beauty and practical features won’t break the bank.

Unfortunately, comparing carpets to most of the other flooring options, especially those made out of real and natural products, carpets tend to last less than anything else. Maybe because of their softer and more sensitive texture and structure, but carpets are often a subject of issues that are not such big of a problem for hardwood floors, or for marble floor, for example. Because of that when it comes to carpets, they really need to be maintained properly in order to protect them and prevent some of the most popular issues and maintenance and cleaning mistakes that many of us make. Since a carpet sees a lot of heavy footfall and high traffic throughout the years, it can get dirty easily and face wear and tear quickly.

Pets and people are leaving all sorts of stains and dirt and carpets are also known to be great at attracting and holding on dust and debris deep in between their finer fibres. Thorough and proper carpet cleaning and maintenance make the carpet not only look great in longer term, but it also prolongs its life. Of course, there are many situations and everyday accidents that require simply more than your cleaning routine and request for a help from the carpet cleaning professionals and even more urgent situations that request for commercial carpet cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning experts. No matter what the case is, here are a few things you have to be aware of, when owning a carpet:

  • Never rub harshly, when treating a carpet stain. The best thing is to try and remove the stain immediately, before it sets deeply and before the risk of the stain getting permanent. We know that many of the stains can be really stubborn and annoying, but do not think that a good arm power will be the best solution. Harsh rubbing can cause smearing the stain, or even the stain setting in even more. It also weakens the fibres, which leads to faster wear. The right way to treat a stain is covering the affected area with a towel or cloth to absorb the excess and place a heavy object on top by leaving it this way for at least overnight.
  • Never use heating tools to dry the stain, because this will make it permanent. In fact, carpets have to be cleaned by the professionals at least once a year (although it is recommended twice every year).
  • Mildew and mould can also be removed from your carpet, simply use a solution of salt and lemon juice or, alternatively, non-chlorine bleach. Test on a small area that is hidden from the eyes to make sure this won’t affect the colour of your carpet.
  • Frequent vacuuming is very important for getting rid of not only the accumulated dust but also all sorts of germs, bacteria and allergens attracted. Vacuum up the carpet in various directions to make sure to remove as much dirt as possible.