Are you thinking of an excuse every time your friend wants to come in and visit the toilet before you go to the cinema? Are you blushing every time unexpected guests pop up on the front door? It looks like you are not the tidiest person in the world and your home reflects this little fact. Simply imagine what a wonderful life it will be if you were one of those naturally tidy people with houses in constant sleek and flawless condition, even when unexpected guests pop up on the front door. We would like to help you turn these dreams into reality and this is how – we learned the good habits that tidy people with always tidy homes have! Pay attention to the word ‘habits’. Yep, having a tidy and flawless home takes a little effort every single day of your life (well, almost every day). Don’t worry if you are not naturally a tidy person, because habits are designed to be adopted, not a gift to you given when you were born. What we have found out is that it takes a bit more than a couple of deep cleaning sessions to have this always tidy and sparkling clean home. But in the end it all worth it!

So here are the 9 basic habits that tidy people with sparkling clean houses do have:

Make your bed

Do not leave your bed untidy once you get out of it in the morning. All of the tidy persons know that making your bed right after you wake up and get up is one of the most efficient ways to make the whole bedroom looks instantly tidier and cleaner. In case you are in a rush and you don’t have the time to make the entire bed, quickly place the duvet or the blanket smoothly over the entire bed to hide the mess underneath.

Empty the dishwasher in the morning

Empty the dishwasher as one of the first tasks around the house of the day. Quickly put everything in place next. This way your dishwasher will be ready to be filled in during the day without the towers of dirty dishes cluttering in the sink and waiting for later.

Do your laundry every day

This one may sound like a pretty exhausting habit but once you get used to it, you will find out that doing your laundry every day is just a great way to keep your house tidy and always be able to wear your favourite t-shirt you wore 2 days ago without waiting for it to get clean and dry.

Use baskets and containers for organisation

When everything in your house has its own dedicated place in a container, organiser, or a basket, it will be significantly easier to tidy up the house quickly.

Do not procrastinate

The naturally tidy people never procrastinate, or they do, but on a very rare occasion. Do not leave the mess get bigger and bigger, do not let tasks accumulate, because this way it will be harder for you to tackle the entire job down at the end.

Have a separated place for clothes you have worn but do not belong to the washer

Do not leave all your worn clothes on the floor with the intention to wear them again tomorrow. Do not but the worn clothes back in the closet too. Tidy people recommend having a place or a hanger dedicated to these clothes that are not clean but do not belong to the washer too.

Clean as you go

Cleaning as you go is an amazing approach to cleaning and one more great way to stop procrastinating and stop the mess gathering. Taking the baby steps approach to cleaning and tidying up will save you a lot of time and energy and help you adopt some really good habits.

Don’t go to bed if the kitchen is a mess

Do not allow the temptation to lead you to bed right after you had dinner. It may sound like the most enjoyable thing to do, but your kitchen will not clean itself. Before heading to bed and relaxing, clean the kitchen space and wash the dishes. This will be the last effort you need to finish before finally having a rest but it all worth it because next morning you will wake up and enjoy a clean and tidy house.

Plan ahead

No matter if it comes to choosing your outfit for next day or checking out the cleaning supplies you need to buy soon, planning ahead is a great way to keep everything in order.