We are a cleaning company based in North West London that focuses the workforce into finding the best solution to the most challenging cleaning projects our domestic and commercial clients my face. This pretty much means that we clean carpets, upholstery, curtains and mattresses to perfection, when many other cleaning companies just don’t have the skills and knowledge to offer the proper treatment and achieve impressive final results. With many years of experience, practice and knowledge accumulated behind our back, our dedicated professional team never lose the desire to be led by the forward drive and we never stop craving and looking for new and original ways to improve and develop advanced and innovational concepts. We build our cleaning concept on the combination of traditional and proven in time and innovational and modern, so we can be sure we take the best from all worlds and adapt it to the needs and requirements of our North West London clients. We believe that this is the only right and honest way to meet their expectations and to offer value for money, high quality and total satisfaction. We at Carpet Cleaner London bring to light, cleanliness, tidiness and good luck not only into your home and workplace but also into your life!

Dedicated and experienced cleaning team

We value cleanliness and tidiness a lot and our dream is to help these be in charge also in your place and in your life. We highly believe that a clean home and decluttered workplace are a reflection of a tidy life. When your place doesn’t suffer mess and dirt, your thoughts, ideas and lifestyle are significantly tidier and that way you are more productive and confident than ever, so you have more time for everything and everyone you love. A clean space sets you in a good mood and improves your life in many directions and since this is our philosophy and creed, we want to share the pleasure of tidy life with you and assist you to achieve the same great results.

We at Carpet Cleaner London know the value of loyalty and truthfulness and we try and inweave our values and visions in everything we do, from the initial call to the last step of the cleaning process. You totally can expect from us a positive attitude, expert advice and recommendations and respect in every step of our work with you in North West London! We select the members of our company very precisely. We are not looking for already built professionals, but mainly for people that have the inner passion and talent and are motivated as much as we are to achieve and offer the best. And then we make them real professionals, investing a lot into advanced training, highest quality equipment and products. This is the best we can offer to all clients in North West London!

Our services include:

  • Curtain, Upholstery, Rug, Mattress, End of tenancy, Residential & Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Stain removal